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So, you’ve snagged that perfect find on Trade Me, eBay, or even Facebook Marketplace, and now you're pondering over the logistics? Enter Movingle! Our platform is the secret weapon you need to simplify the pickup and delivery process. Here's a little peek into how we sprinkle some magic into the mix:
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  • Tell us about your item

    Whether it's a vintage coffee table from Trade Me or a quirky lamp from eBay, give us the details, and we'll get things rolling.
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    Top-notch transporters keen to help with your online marketplace pickups will send quotes your way. You get to compare, contrast, and choose!
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    Once you've found your match, book them in! Then, just sit back and relax as they whisk your item from its previous home to your doorstep.
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    Help out the community by leaving a review of your experience.

Why use Movingle?

Navigating the world of online marketplaces can be thrilling, but ensuring your purchases arrive safely? That's another story. This is where Movingle steps in, acting as your go-to platform for connecting with reliable pickup and delivery services.

Save time

 From Trade Me to eBay, and Facebook Marketplace to local classifieds, post your job once on Movingle and receive multiple quotes. No more individually contacting each service.

Save money

With a wide network of movers, you're guaranteed competitive prices. Compare quotes and choose the best deal for your wallet.

Find a quality mover

Browse genuine reviews on our platform. With real feedback from previous customers, you can confidently choose a mover that fits your standards and requirements.

We're a FREE service

That's right! Use our platform, get quotes, and connect with movers, all without spending a penny.
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How much does a Trade Me pickup and delivery cost?

Navigating the online marketplace is fun until you've got to figure out the transportation costs, right? Whether you've scored a gem on Trade Me, eBay, or the bustling Facebook Marketplace, you're probably wondering about the delivery expenses. Here's a quick guide:

  • Local pickups: For items within your city or nearby suburbs, you're typically looking at a range of $40 to $150. Factors like the item's size, weight, and the journey's complexity play a part.

  • Inter-city deliveries: Got your eyes on a Trade Me treasure located a few cities over? These can range from $80 to $300, depending on the distance and item specifications.

  • Special or bulky items: If you've snagged something oversized or particularly delicate, expect slightly higher costs. But rest assured, it's worth it for the safe transit of your prized possession.

Remember, these are ballpark figures. The best way to get an accurate cost? Pop your details into Movingle and watch the quotes roll in. Happy budgeting!

How do I choose the best Trade Me pickup service?

Alright, you've snagged a stellar deal from Trade Me, eBay, or perhaps the bustling Facebook Marketplace. But how do you ensure your prized purchase reaches you safe and sound? Here's how to pick the cream of the crop:

  1. Research is key: Explore the reviews. See what fellow online shoppers are saying about their experiences with particular pickup services. A consistent track record of positive feedback is a good sign.
  2. Clear communication: A reliable service will be transparent about pickup times, delivery windows, and any potential hiccups. No one wants their newly acquired vintage lamp sitting in limbo!
  3. Coverage area: Some services might be limited to local areas, while others might offer inter-city or even inter-island transport. Make sure your chosen service can journey from the seller's location to yours.
  4. Insurance and protection: Ensure the service provides insurance or guarantees against potential damage. Your new porcelain figurine collection deserves the best care, after all.
  5. Pricing: While cost shouldn't be the only factor, it's always good to compare quotes and ensure you're getting value for money. But remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best!

With these tips in your arsenal, you're all set to ensure your online marketplace treasures arrive at your doorstep in mint condition. Happy shopping and shipping!
 movers - how to choose

What our customers are saying about us

Hear from satisfied customers who have found their ideal mover through Movingle

“It was a pleasure. We received several quotes and chose one. We were able leave our furniture on the truck overnight without any additional charges, which was a big plus.”
─ Aaron
“Used this website to get quotes for Auckland furniture removal companies, it was good, listed my 8 seater dining table and 4 movers quoted the job. I chose a mover from the list. Would use again as it was relatively straight forward.”
─ Aaron W.
“Easy to find a furniture removalist from this site, listed my recliner on the website and sure enough had 3 quotes from furniture movers wanting to move it. Easy to use and was able to take a photo of my item. Thanks Movingle”
─ Abdul

Trade Me pickups and more: services overview

Shopping online from places like Trade Me, eBay, or even the bustling Facebook Marketplace can be super convenient until you have to figure out the logistics of getting your new treasure home. But don’t fret, that’s where we come in!

Trade Me deliveries

Bought a new piece of furniture or a vintage bike on Trade Me? We connect you with transporters who specialize in picking up and delivering your treasures right to your doorstep.

eBay item transport

Snagged a deal from an eBay seller in another city? No worries. Our network includes movers who are adept at interstate pickups and deliveries.

Facebook Marketplace pickups

Found something fabulous on Facebook Marketplace but can’t figure out how to get it? Leave the logistics to our recommended movers.

Packing services

Some items need a little extra TLC. If your online purchase is delicate or valuable, our movers offer packing services to ensure it travels safely.

Flexible scheduling

Missed out on a pickup window? Our platform can connect you with movers who offer flexible pickup and delivery times, accommodating even the trickiest of schedules.

Frequently asked questions

Movingle offers a comprehensive range of moving services, including house moves, office relocations, vehicle transport, furniture moving, and specialized services for fragile or oversized items. Whatever your moving needs, we can connect you with the right professionals.
Simply enter the details of your move on our platform, including the type of items you're moving, the quantity, and any specific requirements. We'll match you with suitable movers who will provide competitive quotes for your job.
Yes, our network includes experienced movers who specialise in various categories, from residential moves to vehicle transport and more. Each mover is vetted to ensure expertise and reliability in their specific service area.
Absolutely. Movingle caters to both local and long-distance moves, connecting you with movers who are experienced in the specific logistics of your required moving distance.
Our movers use professional packing techniques and materials to ensure the safety of your items. For added peace of mind, you can discuss insurance options directly with the mover you choose.
When submitting your move details, specify any special requirements you have, such as moving delicate items, needing storage solutions, or requiring specific handling. We’ll ensure that movers who can meet these needs respond with their quotes.
Choose a reputable mover with good reviews and insurance options. Movingle's network includes professional movers who adhere to high standards.
Weekday moves might offer more availability and potentially lower rates, while weekend moves can be more convenient. Movingle allows you to request quotes for both weekday and weekend moves, giving you flexibility.
Avoid packing hazardous materials, perishable food, and important personal documents. It’s best to transport essential documents and valuables yourself. Movers on Movingle will provide you with a list of items they cannot transport.

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