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Invercargill, with its rich history and southern charm, is a unique place to move. Whether you're setting roots in the heart of the city or the suburban areas, Movingle is here to help you have a smooth relocation.
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Why use Movingle?

In the heart of Southland, moving in Invercargill demands a touch of local expertise. Movingle bridges the gap, connecting you with movers who know Invercargill's rhythm, ensuring that your belongings are transferred efficiently across its precincts.

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Get connected with Invercargill's movers without the fuss of searching.

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why use Movingle to find Invercargill movers
how much does a Invercargill mover cost?

How much does a Invercargill mover cost?

Pondering over your move in Invercargill? Here's a snapshot of potential costs:

  • Local moves: For relocations within Invercargill, you're probably looking at around $150 per hour for two movers and their truck, though figures might vary from $100 to $200. 
  • Long-distance moves: Journeys beyond Invercargill can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, influenced by the travel distance and items involved.
  • Additional services: Special services, whether packing or particular item care, can adjust your total cost.

For a detailed understanding of your Invercargill relocation costs, Movingle offers a variety of quotes to compare.

How do I select a good Invercargill mover?

As the southernmost city of New Zealand, Invercargill has its unique moving challenges. To ensure a hassle-free move, consider these pointers:

  1. Comprehensive Profiles: Movingle showcases movers' profiles that detail their experience and expertise in Invercargill.
  2. Honest Feedback: Delve into reviews from past clients. Their experiences can guide your decision-making.
  3. Transparent Quotations: Make sure the provided quotes have no hidden charges and are crystal clear.
  4. Initiate Conversations: Engaging with movers directly can dispel doubts and help establish trust.
  5. Familiarity with the Locale: Opt for movers who are well-versed with Invercargill's roads and neighborhoods.

With Movingle's platform, finding a trusted mover in Invercargill is straightforward and efficient.
Invercargill movers - how to choose

What our customers are saying about us

Hear from satisfied customers who have found their ideal mover through Movingle

“Great site that saved me so much time in getting quotes. Our move from Tauranga to Napier is going to take us a while. It was great to be able listing my job and waiting for 5 quotes. I found the reviews of each mover very useful. Reviewing the company on other sites can be helpful too. Very happy.”
─ Ian
“I like the fact that you can compare different movers and their prices and reviews in the one place. It certainly helped me in my search for a mover when moving from Ashburton to Waimate. Found a good mover to do the job from here. God bless for you service.”
─ Naomi
“Didn't expect much when listing my job on the platform but was able to get 4 removalist quotes from it so was rather pleased with the outcome. Several moving companies then contacted me about my job, I found 1 lady particularly helpful and ended up using them. Good that Movingle doesn't take a commission from the transporter so they don't recommend any particular transporters. Worked well.”
─ Valeria

What service types can I get quotes for on Movingle?

Movingle is built for moves of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are moving house local or cross country, moving your office or just moving a single item, Movingle has you covered.
House Movers

House movers

Effortless and secure house moving services for your peace of mind.

Office Movers

Office movers

Streamline your office move with our professional, efficient relocation services.



Rapid, dependable courier services ensuring your parcels arrive on time.

Delivery Companies

Delivery companies

Comprehensive delivery solutions, tailored to meet all your logistical needs.

Furniture Movers

Furniture movers

Safeguarding your furniture with expert moving and careful handling.

Piano Movers

Piano movers

Specialised piano moving services, ensuring your instrument's protection and care.

Pool Table Movers

Pool table movers

Expert pool table moving services, focusing on safety and precision.

Trade Me Transporters

Trade me transporters

Swift and secure transport of goods from Trade Me and platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

Fragile Item Movers

Fragile item movers

Dedicated movers for fragile items, ensuring secure, damage-free transportation.

Car Transporters

Car transporters

Trusted car transport services, offering secure, nationwide vehicle relocation.

Motorcycle Transporters

Motorcycle transporters

Expert motorcycle transporters, providing safe, reliable delivery solutions.

Boat Transporters

Boat transporters

Professional boat transport services, ensuring secure and timely deliveries.

Invercargill removalist services

Moving Services in Invercargill

Embarking on a relocation journey in Invercargill? Movingle is here to simplify the process. Every move has its own nuances, whether you're transitioning from a snug apartment or a spacious family home. We're dedicated to connecting you with services that match your specific needs.

House removals

Experience hassle-free house moves in Invercargill. From securely packing your cherished belongings to setting them up in your new abode, our comprehensive network of professional movers handles it all.

Apartment & flat moves

Moving in or out of an apartment comes with its unique challenges - think narrow hallways, limited parking, and specific building regulations. But with our seasoned movers, maneuvering these challenges becomes a breeze.

Office relocations

When businesses shift, time is of the essence. Our trusted office movers in Invercargill ensure a swift and smooth transition, minimizing any disruptions to your operations.

Furniture transport

From hefty wardrobes to delicate glass tables, transporting furniture demands expertise. Thankfully, our movers are adept at ensuring your furniture reaches its destination intact.

Packing & unpacking

Packing can be overwhelming, but not with the right help. Many of our Invercargill movers offer thorough packing and unpacking services, making your move a lot less daunting.

Special items

Certain possessions, like pianos, antiques, or artworks, need an extra touch of care. Rely on our specialist movers to transport these items safely.

With Movingle, the power of choice is in your hands. By comparing quotes and services from various providers, you're sure to find the ideal moving solution in Invercargill.

Movers Invercargill and surrounding suburbs

You can use Movingle to get quotes from movers servicing Invercargill and surrounding areas, as well as movers servicing any suburb throughout New Zealand.

Find movers from Invercargill to all major cities

Frequently asked questions

Your top priorities should be determining the move's size, understanding traffic and parking laws in Invercargill, and checking for any access limitations at your new place. Additionally, inquire about any parking permits required for moving into your neighbourhood.
For an upcoming relocation in Invercargill, it's best to arrange a moving service at least 4-6 weeks in advance, especially if you have specific dates or are moving in a busy season.
When planning your move, you have options for packing and unpacking services. Include this requirement while obtaining quotes to find movers who can accommodate this service.
The best way to prepare is to declutter, pack systematically, label your boxes, secure fragile items, and ensure clear pathways for movers in your Invercargill home.
Do not pack hazardous chemicals, perishable food items, and valuable personal items like important documents or expensive jewelry, as movers in Invercargill won't transport these for safety and security reasons.
Yes, many movers in Invercargill offer interim storage services for your items during the moving process, providing a secure place for your belongings until you're ready to move them into your new home.
Moving companies handle fragile items with special care using suitable packing materials and techniques, and often provide custom crating services for extra security.
Precautions include custom crating, padded wrapping, and strategically securing artwork in the moving vehicle to protect it from any damage.
The average time for loading, transporting, and unloading a 3-bedroom house during a local move in Invercargill is about 6-8 hours, which can vary based on factors like traffic and distance.
Plan your move by requesting quotes on Movingle and entering your inventory. This will allow movers to analyze the cubic volume of your items and suggest the correct truck size.

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