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Movingle is a platform that puts you in touch with potential customers daily. We provide quality verified leads at great rates. We’re confident that we’ll help you grow your business with our quality job leads.

Completely FREE for 6 months (for the first 100 providers)
Quality verified leads
No contracts, no commission
Receive new lead notifications in real-time
Select only the leads you want
Intuitive platform to manage job leads, quotes and bookings

How Movingle works

  • Browse job leads

    Get notified instantly when new jobs are posted or simply browse the available leads in your dashboard.
  • Win jobs

    Claim leads by sending quote estimates to customers. After you've provided a quote, you'll receive the customers email and verified mobile number so that you can follow-up with them directly to win the job.
  • Build your reputation

    Do great work, get great reviews and build your Movingle reputation over time. The more reviews you get, the more likely you are to win jobs.
How Movingle works
Why use Movingle

Why Use Movingle?

Expand your customer base

Access a larger pool of potential customers actively seeking moving services.

Increased visibility

Benefit from Movingle’s SEO and marketing efforts to drive more business your way.

Competitive edge

Leverage our platform to showcase your services, your reputation and stand out in the market.

Intuitive, easy to use platform

Utilise our user-friendly platform for efficient management of quotes and bookings.

Our simple subscription & quoting system

Flexible subscription plans

Choose from various monthly subscription plans, each offering a set number of quote credits to use each month.
These quote credits are your key to not just bidding on jobs but also gaining direct access to customer contact details, setting us apart from many competitors.
Every quote estimate you provide (lead you claim), you'll use just 1 quote credit. It couldn't be any simpler!
Upon quote submission, immediately access the customer's contact information for direct communication and negotiations.
Unused credits roll over each month, ensuring you get full value from your subscription.

What's the cost?

Glad you asked! Well right now we are offering Completely FREE subscriptions (for 6 months!) to the first 100 service providers. So get in quick and sign up for a FREE 6 month trial today!
Movingle Subscription
Moving Job Leads

Job leads from Movingle

At Movingle, we're dedicated to growing together with our partners. While we're building our presence and enhancing our online marketing efforts, we offer you an opportunity to connect with potential clients at no additional cost. This early stage is a chance for us to collaborate closely, saving you marketing expenses and allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service. Let's grow our businesses together, creating a strong foundation for future success.

Detailed job information

We collect the important job information that you need to work out quotes.

Limited competition

Our leads go to a maximum of 5 businesses. By limiting competition, you have a better shot at getting hired.

Verified phone numbers

There's no need to waste time on unqualified prospects. Every lead has a verified mobile number, so you know they're serious about hiring!

Select only the leads you want

We allow you to browse through all your available leads and claim only the leads you want. Many other lead generation platforms send you a lead and charge you for it whether you want that lead or not. That's not how we work!

How does Movingle compare to commission based marketplaces?

Unrestricted direct communication

  • Movingle advantage - Claim a lead, submit your quote, and connect directly with the customer. Our platform removes barriers, enabling immediate and personal interaction.
  • Commission-based limitations - Hindered by indirect, online-only interactions, these platforms restrict your ability to communicate openly fearing off-platform transactions. Delaying potential job confirmations.

Commission-free transactions

  • Movingle - We don't take a cut from your earnings. Unlike commission-based platforms that take up to 15%, we ensure that more profit stays in your pocket.
  • Commission-based - Often mislead customers by labeling commission fees as deposits, cutting into your potential earnings.

Limited competition for leads

  • Movingle - We cap the competition by allowing a maximum of five providers per lead, balancing customer choice with fair competition.
  • Commission-based - Often expose you to excessive competition, reducing your chances of winning bids.

Confidential quoting

  • Movingle - Your quotes are private, visible only to the customer, ensuring discretion and integrity in pricing.
  • Commission-based - Publicise quotes, allowing all your competitors to see your pricing.

Avoiding price undercutting

  • Movingle - Without visible competing quotes, there's no pressure to undercut prices, allowing you to quote fairly and profitably.
  • Commission-based - The visibility of quotes can lead to reverse bidding, undercutting prices.

Higher conversion rates

  • Movingle - Direct calls post-quoting significantly boost your chances of converting leads into jobs.
  • Commission-based - The lack of direct communication often results in lower conversion rates.
Movingle VS Commission Based Platforms
Is Movingle right for your business?

Is Movingle right for your business? Understanding our partnership approach

Active engagement required

At Movingle, we offer more than just a lead generation platform; we provide a partnership opportunity. Our system is designed for providers who understand that success requires more than just submitting a quote.

If you're expecting to simply submit quotes and see immediate results with minimal effort, Movingle might not be the right fit. Our platform thrives on proactive engagement and personalised service.

The power of follow-up

Our most successful providers know that the real work begins after a quote is submitted. Effective follow-up communication with potential customers is key to converting leads into actual jobs.

Commitment to quality service

Movingle is for providers who are committed to delivering quality service. We encourage direct and prompt follow-ups post-quote to demonstrate your professionalism and dedication to potential customers.

To sum it all up...

Our platform is not just about submitting quotes and hoping for the best. It's about actively engaging with leads, understanding their needs, and following through effectively to secure their business. This personal approach sets us apart from commission-based platforms where the focus is solely on winning bids.

Frequently asked questions

Movingle is a leading online marketplace in New Zealand connecting customers with moving service providers. We offer a platform for providers to bid on moving jobs using a transparent subscription model.
Providers choose a monthly plan that allocates a specific number of quote credits. These credits are used to bid on moving jobs. Unused credits roll over each month as long as your subscription is active.
Unlike commission-based models, Movingle offers direct contact with customers post-quote and doesn’t take a percentage of your earnings. This means more control over your business and better profit margins.
To join as a provider, you need to complete our registration process, which includes verifying your New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) and public liability insurance. Once approved, you can choose your subscription plan and start receiving job alerts.
When a customer posts a job that matches your services, you receive an alert. You can then use a quote credit to claim the lead and provide a quote. Once you provide your quote, you get direct access to the customer's contact details for further communication.
No, Movingle doesn’t charge any additional fees or commissions on jobs. Your only cost is the monthly subscription fee for the plan you choose.
Payments are negotiated and processed directly between you and the customer, giving you complete control over your financial transactions.
Yes, you can set preferences for the types of jobs you're interested in, based on factors like job size, location, and type of goods to be moved.
Unused quote credits will roll over to the next month as long as you maintain your subscription, ensuring you get the most out of your plan.
No problems, you can purchase Credit Packs to get you through the month. You can also upgrade your subscription plan to one with more credits at anytime.
By providing access to a steady stream of potential customers, Movingle can help you fill gaps in your schedule, expand your customer base, and grow your business. Additionally, your positive performance on the platform can enhance your online reputation and visibility.

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