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Dunedin, renowned for its rich heritage and unique Scottish roots, is a blend of historic charm and contemporary living. If you're gearing up for a move within or to the 'Edinburgh of the South', Movingle is here to ensure it's smooth sailing.
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    From shifting closer to the iconic Otago University to a cozy home near the Dunedin Railway Station, share all the essentials – the scale of the move, items involved, and your ideal moving date.
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    Our platform brings you in touch with movers adept at navigating Dunedin's hilly terrains and historic streets. They'll offer quotes that resonate with Dunedin's unique vibe.
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    Dive into mover profiles, gauge their expertise in Dunedin's locales, and zero in on the mover who matches your requirements.
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Why use Movingle?

Navigating the moving scene in Dunedin can be daunting. But with Movingle, it's a breeze. We’re here to help you connect with trustworthy Dunedin moving companies that match your needs. Receive and compare quotes, check out mover profiles, and make your choice with confidence.

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how much does a Dunedin mover cost?

How much does a mover cost in Dunedin?

Planning a move in or out of Dunedin? Here's a glimpse into what you might spend:

  • Local Moves: For those shifting within Dunedin, the price typically spans from $100 to $200 per hour, with a common average of $150 per hour.
  • Long-Distance Moves: For relocations stretching beyond Dunedin's limits, think in the ballpark of $2,000 to $5,000.
  • Additional Services: Extra help, like packing or unique item care, can affect the bottom line.

To get a clearer picture of your Dunedin move, it's wise to fetch multiple quotes on Movingle.

How to choose a great mover in Dunedin

Dunedin, steeped in history and home to New Zealand's oldest university, requires movers who understand its rich heritage and unique topography. Here's your guide:

  1. Insightful profiles: Movingle offers detailed profiles of Dunedin-based movers. These profiles shed light on the mover's expertise and services.
  2. Real-time reviews: Check out feedback from other Dunedin residents, giving you an inside look at the mover's track record.
  3. Straightforward quotes: Dunedin deserves clear pricing. Ensure the quotes detail all costs, leaving no room for surprises.
  4. Open lines of communication: The best movers in Dunedin value clear communication. Ensure your chosen mover is open to discussing all aspects of your move.
  5. Local mastery: From the Octagon to the steepest street in the world, it's essential to pick movers who know Dunedin inside out.

Your Dunedin move deserves meticulous care. With Movingle, find the perfect match to make your move.

Dunedin movers - how to choose

What our customers are saying about us

Hear from satisfied customers who have found their ideal mover through Movingle

“Very helpful platform to get multiple moving quotes. Especially when I needed a mover last minute, I was able to get 4 quotes which were all reasonably priced, the reviews of each company certainly helped me pick a mover for my 2 bedroom apartment move in Auckland.”
─ Dalia
“I love the fact that you can easily compare different movers along with their prices and read reviews. It helped me greatly in my search to find a moving company when I moved from Dunedin To Ivercargill. We found a professional mover who could do the job. Well done for your services.”
─ Ulani
“I like the fact that you can compare different movers and their prices and reviews in the one place. It certainly helped me in my search for a mover when moving from Ashburton to Waimate. Found a good mover to do the job from here. God bless for you service.”
─ Naomi

What service types can I get quotes for on Movingle?

Movingle is built for moves of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are moving house local or cross country, moving your office or just moving a single item, Movingle has you covered.
House Movers

House movers

Effortless and secure house moving services for your peace of mind.

Office Movers

Office movers

Streamline your office move with our professional, efficient relocation services.



Rapid, dependable courier services ensuring your parcels arrive on time.

Delivery Companies

Delivery companies

Comprehensive delivery solutions, tailored to meet all your logistical needs.

Furniture Movers

Furniture movers

Safeguarding your furniture with expert moving and careful handling.

Piano Movers

Piano movers

Specialised piano moving services, ensuring your instrument's protection and care.

Pool Table Movers

Pool table movers

Expert pool table moving services, focusing on safety and precision.

Trade Me Transporters

Trade me transporters

Swift and secure transport of goods from Trade Me and platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

Fragile Item Movers

Fragile item movers

Dedicated movers for fragile items, ensuring secure, damage-free transportation.

Car Transporters

Car transporters

Trusted car transport services, offering secure, nationwide vehicle relocation.

Motorcycle Transporters

Motorcycle transporters

Expert motorcycle transporters, providing safe, reliable delivery solutions.

Boat Transporters

Boat transporters

Professional boat transport services, ensuring secure and timely deliveries.

Dunedin removalist services

Moving Services in Dunedin

Living in a city steeped in history like Dunedin means you've got a world of moving services at your fingertips. Whether you're transitioning between those vintage Edwardian homes or hopping from one modern apartment to another, fret not. Dunedin is brimming with fantastic movers who know their way around.

House movers Dunedin

Ah, Dunedin! From its gorgeous Edwardian architecture to the modern flats, each home has a tale. Our house movers? They’re your storytellers, ensuring each belonging finds its perfect place in the next chapter.

Small movers

Maybe you're moving out of a cosy studio overlooking the Octagon or a charming flat by the University. Our small-move specialists in Dunedin ensure your relocation feels as heartwarming as a cuppa on a chilly day.

Furniture movers

Whether it's an antique dresser from George Street or a contemporary couch from the suburbs, our furniture experts cherish each item's unique Dunedin story, ensuring a move filled with care and nostalgia.

Office movers

Relocating your workspace in Dunedin? Consider our office movers your unseen business partners, ensuring that your enterprise continues to bloom in its new space, with minimal fuss.

long distance movers

Whether you're heading north towards Auckland or perhaps making a South Island journey, our long-distance aficionados are on hand to guarantee your treasures are transported with utmost love and care.

Speciality items moves

Perhaps it's a grand piano echoing memories, a billiard table from that cherished pub, or a piece of art that captures a Dunedin moment. Our specialists ensure these precious items move with the reverence and affection they truly deserve.

Vehicle transport

Relocating your cherished vehicle within, to, or from Dunedin? Whether it's your trusty weekend car for beach drives or the family SUV for picnics at Signal Hill, our vehicle transport experts guarantee a safe journey for your set of wheels.

Cheap movers Dunedin

Seeking a move that's gentle on the wallet without skimping on the Dunedin charm and expertise? With Movingle, find the right balance of affordability and quality, ensuring your move is as smooth as a Cadbury chocolate bar (before the factory sadly closed).

Movers Dunedin and surrounding suburbs

You can use Movingle to get quotes from movers servicing Dunedin and surrounding areas, as well as movers servicing any suburb throughout New Zealand.

Find movers from Dunedin to all major cities

Frequently asked questions

Key considerations involve evaluating the size of your move, acquainting yourself with the local traffic and parking regulations in Dunedin, and assessing access to your new home. Ensure you're also aware of any specific moving permits needed in Dunedin.
The optimal time frame for booking a moving service for Dunedin is generally 4-6 weeks prior to your move, especially if you are moving during a peak period or have particular dates in mind.
Many movers in Dunedin are equipped to handle both packing and unpacking for your move. Clarify that you require these services when you are seeking quotes.
To ensure efficiency, have everything packed and labeled, disassemble large furniture items, and clear paths for movers in your Dunedin residence.
Typically, movers refrain from transporting hazardous materials, perishable foods, and certain valuable items such as jewellery or important personal documents. It is advisable to consult your moving company to ascertain any items they may not handle.
To arrange temporary storage with movers in Dunedin, discuss your storage needs when you book your moving service. Many movers offer flexible storage solutions that can be tailored to your move.
Measures include professional-grade packing, careful handling and loading techniques, and transit insurance. Confirm these measures with your moving company to ensure the security of your belongings.
In Dunedin, consider choosing movers with experience in handling high-value items and inquire about their methods and insurance coverage for the utmost protection of your valuables.
The loading, moving, and unloading phases for a 3-bedroom property during a local house move in Dunedin are expected to take approximately 6-8 hours in total, factoring in the travel time as well.
Look at factors like the total cubic volume of your items, which you can determine by requesting quotes on Movingle and providing your inventory, helping movers to decide on the right truck size.

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