FAQ - Providers

Movingle is a leading online marketplace in New Zealand connecting customers with moving service providers. We offer a platform for providers to bid on moving jobs using a transparent subscription model.
Providers choose a monthly plan that allocates a specific number of quote credits. These credits are used to bid on moving jobs. Unused credits roll over each month as long as your subscription is active.
Unlike commission-based models, Movingle offers direct contact with customers post-quote and doesn’t take a percentage of your earnings. This means more control over your business and better profit margins.
To join as a provider, you need to complete our registration process, which includes verifying your New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) and public liability insurance. Once approved, you can choose your subscription plan and start receiving job alerts.
When a customer posts a job that matches your services, you receive an alert. You can then use a quote credit to claim the lead and provide a quote. Once you provide your quote, you get direct access to the customer's contact details for further communication.
No, Movingle doesn’t charge any additional fees or commissions on jobs. Your only cost is the monthly subscription fee for the plan you choose.
Payments are negotiated and processed directly between you and the customer, giving you complete control over your financial transactions.
Yes, you can set preferences for the types of jobs you're interested in, based on factors like job size, location, and type of goods to be moved.
Unused quote credits will roll over to the next month as long as you maintain your subscription, ensuring you get the most out of your plan.
No problems, you can purchase Credit Packs to get you through the month. You can also upgrade your subscription plan to one with more credits at anytime.
By providing access to a steady stream of potential customers, Movingle can help you fill gaps in your schedule, expand your customer base, and grow your business. Additionally, your positive performance on the platform can enhance your online reputation and visibility.