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At Movingle, we understand that moving furniture isn’t just about relocating objects, but ensuring the memories they hold move along with you seamlessly. Whether it’s your cherished antique dresser or a comfy sofa, we're here to help you find the perfect furniture movers who treat your belongings with the care they deserve.
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Why use Movingle?

Navigating a move, especially when it involves treasured furniture, can feel a tad daunting, right? At Movingle, we get it, and we're here to sprinkle some ease and assurance onto the whole ordeal. Our platform is your go-to friend that connects you with stellar furniture movers who know their stuff. Whether it's a delicate antique or a hefty sofa, they've got the knack to get it from point A to B, smooth and sound. So why choose us? Well, we're all about saving you time, cutting down the costs, and finding you a mover who's just the right fit for your furniture-moving needs.

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Say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through endless listings. We've got you covered! Find reliable and swift furniture movers in no time.

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Receive competitive quotes that respect your budget. Quality service doesn’t have to break the bank.

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Compare up to 5 quotes and choose a furniture mover who meets your needs and budget.

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How much does it cost to move furniture

Wondering how much it would cost to move that cherished sofa or the entire living room set? Let’s break it down:

  • Single-item moves: If you’ve got just one or a few pieces to move, it’s likely to be on the more affordable side. You're looking at a range from $80 to $200 depending on the distance and specifics.
  • Full room moves: Got a full room of furniture? Costs could range from $150 to $1,000 again depending on distance, size, and the number of furniture pieces.
  • Additional Services: Need extra care for delicate items or want help with disassembling and reassembling? These services are available at an additional cost, ensuring your furniture arrives just as it left.

Gather your quotes on Movingle to get a clear picture of your moving expenses. It's clarity, simplified.

How do I choose a good furniture mover?

Selecting the right furniture mover is about more than just getting from point A to point B, it's about ensuring your cherished pieces are handled with the care they deserve. Whether it’s a beloved dining set or a sofa, the right mover will make the transition seamless. Here’s how to ensure you’re on the right track:

  • Do your homework: Browse furniture mover profiles on Movingle. It’s a one-stop-shop to see if they’re a good fit for your needs.
  • Listen to the crowd: Reviews are your best friend. Dive in and find the hidden gems from people who’ve been in your shoes.
  • Transparent pricing: Clear-cut quotes are the name of the game. No surprises, just straightforward costs for your furniture move.
  • Open dialogue matters: The best movers are always up for a chat. Throw your questions their way and gauge their responsiveness.
  • Special handling: Ensure your mover has experience with furniture, especially if you have items that need extra care.

Choosing a furniture mover is more than just ticking a box; it’s about ensuring a stress-free transition for your cherished pieces.
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What our customers are saying about us

Hear from satisfied customers who have found their ideal mover through Movingle

“This description of this site is accurate, it does what it says. The quotes ranged from cheap to more expensive and by looking at the individual reviews I was able to make an informed choice. I was happy with the service provider I chose and felt it was good value.”
─ Joyce
“In the past I've tried a few different types of sites to find service providers from other industries and I've never really been happy with the experience. So using Movingle I was hesitant at first but I'm glad I tried - everything worked exactly as it should. Found a great moving company... Very happy to recommend.”
─ Amber
“I really like this website. I found it easy to use and it worked well for me and I have recommended it to a few friends already. Movers who quote you can give you a call.. I don't mind this but I wasn't expecting it. I probably didn't read everything correctly that's why. Overall a great experience for me.”
─ Anmol

Furniture moving services

Hey there! Need a hand moving your cherished furnishings? No worries, we've got your back. Whether it's just a few pieces or the whole shebang, we connect you with skilled furniture movers keen to help. Here's a taste of what we offer:

House furniture movers

Got a house full of memories to move? Our movers are pros at transporting all your household items, ensuring they arrive safe and sound.

Few items movers

Just a sofa or a couple of chairs? No move is too small. Our network of movers are happy to help, making sure your few pieces are moved with care.

Office furniture movers

Shifting your workspace? We understand time is money. Our movers will have your office gear relocated swiftly so you can get back to the grind.

Specialty furniture movers

Got some unique or delicate furniture pieces? We've got movers who specialize in handling the quirky and cherished items with the tender love and care they deserve.

Protective moving

Your furniture's safety is a big deal. Our movers offer protective moving services to ensure every item is snug and secure for the journey.

Need to move something not listed here? Give us a shout, and we'll do our best to sort you out. Remember, no task is too big or small for the movers on our platform!

Frequently asked questions

Movingle offers a comprehensive range of moving services, including house moves, office relocations, vehicle transport, furniture moving, and specialized services for fragile or oversized items. Whatever your moving needs, we can connect you with the right professionals.
Simply enter the details of your move on our platform, including the type of items you're moving, the quantity, and any specific requirements. We'll match you with suitable movers who will provide competitive quotes for your job.
Yes, our network includes experienced movers who specialise in various categories, from residential moves to vehicle transport and more. Each mover is vetted to ensure expertise and reliability in their specific service area.
Absolutely. Movingle caters to both local and long-distance moves, connecting you with movers who are experienced in the specific logistics of your required moving distance.
Our movers use professional packing techniques and materials to ensure the safety of your items. For added peace of mind, you can discuss insurance options directly with the mover you choose.
When submitting your move details, specify any special requirements you have, such as moving delicate items, needing storage solutions, or requiring specific handling. We’ll ensure that movers who can meet these needs respond with their quotes.
Choose a reputable mover with good reviews and insurance options. Movingle's network includes professional movers who adhere to high standards.
Weekday moves might offer more availability and potentially lower rates, while weekend moves can be more convenient. Movingle allows you to request quotes for both weekday and weekend moves, giving you flexibility.
Avoid packing hazardous materials, perishable food, and important personal documents. It’s best to transport essential documents and valuables yourself. Movers on Movingle will provide you with a list of items they cannot transport.

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